About Us


The Association AGROLINK was founded in 1999 by a team of agronomists, botanists, ecologists and farmers who, in one way or another, have been involved for years in actions contributing to minimize the harm caused to the natural ecosystems by conventional farming methods. AGROLINK brings together specialists, experts and farmers in a network of partnership with the aim to influence encourage and assist farmers and rural societies in Bulgaria to develop and support organic farming as the most sustainable agriculture system.

Much of AGROLINK’s work focuses upon access to information on sustainable agriculture, consultancies on organic farming, lobbying, networking and advocacy for environmental protection in rural environments. This includes activities such as formulation and management of local projects, and the organisation of workshops and seminars bringing together policy makers and practitioners, at local, national and international level.

AGROLINK Association works in close partnership with the state organizations, local authorities and Non-Governmental Organisations from Bulgaria and abroad. AGROLINK builds on the strengths of its members, networks and partners to enhance their capacity to support the organic agriculture movement in order to conserve biodiversity and nature in Bulgaria.

Why is AGROLINK needed?

Bulgaria is one of Europe’s most biodiversity rich countries. You can find here a great variety of beautiful landscapes as well as a large heritage of wild and cultivated plants and animals. From wheat to roses, from medicinal herbs to a wide range of vegetables and fruits, they represent a delightful diversity of tastes. For the human being this diversity is as important as soil and water.

However in the period after 1945 traditional landscape features, local breeds and varieties have been under pressure and the agricultural reform in the last decade has led to the abandonment of former arable land.

Organic farming is a multifunctional system integrating economic, social and environmental aspects. Organic farming methods conserve the health of the soil and the environment and help farmers to find the adequate solution for their farm management and market.

Therefore AGROLINK is necessary for farmers to develop profitable farming while at the same time to contribute to the conservation of the environment.

AGROLINK is necessary for the protection of the environment, the nature, soil, farm animals, biodiversity, and water.

AGROLINK is necessary to find the most appropriate solutions to enjoy diverse people, diverse cultures, animals and plants and diverse local meals in the country.

What are we doing?

  • On-the-spot consultancy for farmers: conversion into organic farming, formulation of an organic management plan for the respective farm, advice for plant production and animal keeping as well as marketing.
  • Made-to-measure advice for those who are not members of the Association, for instance new farmers, local communities, state organisations, other NGOs.
  • Training and education for farmers, students, representatives of national and local authorities, scientists.
  • Publishing manuals, books, brochures, leaflets and informational material on sustainable agriculture.
  • Editing the first Bulgarian magazine on organic farming: “Living Earth”
  • Obbying for the improvement of the legislation concerning organic farming, nature protection and environment.
  • Awareness raising and informing of the general public on organic agriculture and its values.

We are active in the following four fields:

Organic Farming and Sustainable Development
Sustainable Rural Development
Genetically Modified Organisms
Legislation on Organic Farming, Nature Protection and Environment