The Patents

What is the role of patents?

In the past, nobody would have thought to patent plant, animal or human genes or cells. Nobody thinks that the animal or human genes can be categorized as "discovery" or "intellectual property" of a larger company. But nowadays patents are transferred from inanimate matter to living beings in order to protect companies financial investment in genetic engineering. But is it right to patent the tomato as well as patent a chemical or vacuum? If life is put on the same basis as patented goods if there is no longer border between inanimate objects and living things, this would lead to dramatic changes in our relationship with animals, plants and ourselves.

Farmers have to pay dearly for any patented seed, patented each hen. Thus, control of agriculture out of the hands of farmers at local level and given into the hands of large multinational companies. Many experts report that as a major threat to future food security and biodiversity.