Legislation on organic farming, nature protection and environment

What will the impact of the first law on GMOs (genetically modified organisms) on the Bulgarian citizens and the environment?

Law on GMOs after long discussions in the National Assembly on 03.29.2005 was published in the Gazette. Thanks to the efforts of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) working in the field of environmental coalition "Bulgaria - an area free from GMOs", MPs, academics, political parties and citizens the original version of the law has been severely altered in its present form reflects a large extent European law.

This law should end the uncontrolled release of GMOs into the environment and the inevitable genetic contamination of crops. This is a step forward, NGO support and hope in the near future will be built control system and made additional provisions.

We support:

    The efforts of the Legislature to protect critical for Bulgaria crops such as tobacco, vine, cotton, damask rose, wheat and all kinds of vegetables and fruit crops through their inclusion in the prohibitions on the release into the environment list.
    The ban on release of GMOs into the territories included in the National Ecological Network under the Biological Diversity Act, and in surrounding areas.
    The ban on release into the environment and placing on the market of GMOs containing marker genes for antibiotic resistance.

While creating the conditions for regulation and control, the law does not fully reflect European legislation on GMOs (Regulation of 09.23.2003 1829/2003/EES years - for the approval and control, 1830/2003 of 22.9.2003 years - traceability and labeling of GMO food and feed 1946/2003 of 15.07.2003 - the transboundary movement of GMOs and their products) associated with genetically modified food and feed their traceability and labeling. The Act does not introduce the "polluter pays" principle, which obliges farmers growing transgenic crops liable for damages to neighboring fields with non-GM crops.

Despite new law, the Coalition continues to advocate its position on non-GMO in Bulgaria to the EC market. We believe that during this period should be adopted additional provisions for law enforcement, and necessary changes in relevant laws for food and feed.

Coalition will continue its efforts to keep Bulgaria as a zone free of GMOs. We believe that the priority for our country should be the development of sustainable forms of agriculture and modern farming methods, providing an opportunity for competitive agriculture while protecting the Bulgarian nature.

Link to the Law on GMOs