Organic Garden in orphanages in Dragalevtsi

dragalevciChildren from two homes for children, kindergartens and foster families involved in the construction of biogradinka. It began on May 6, 2012, Sunday at home for children in Dragalevtsi. Their assistants were volunteers, parents and teachers.



The initiator of the idea is Agrolink Association, which won funding under the program M-Tel EKO Grant, which is realized with the professional assistance of the "Bulgarian Charity Aid Foundation."

For the first time children from home for children deprived of parental care can be included in the application of organic gardening in your own backyard. In this way they will learn how to produce organic tomatoes, beans, carrots, basil and other vegetables. Along with the vegetables were planted flowers, herbs and spices according to the principles of organic farming.

Partner is the Foundation "Little Children", which has long worked in the home and home Dragalevtsi "P. Slaveykov. " Furthermore, children from homes will include children from kindergarten "Golden grain" and additional financial assistance is provided by the company Armina LTD.

Organic garden will be a place around which the children, along with specialists, educators, volunteers and residents of Sofia - Dragalevtsi and will change their attitudes, skills and knowledge of organic farming. All participants will learn why it is necessary to protect the environment and about the relationship between plants in a garden biodiversity and living organisms.

biogradina4"Even at our first meeting Bogdana Manova by the" little children "told me that children from homes need less food and clothing, but for attention and affection. So we decided to give them their, as together we build organic gardens. This will teach them to love themselves more and the world around them" said Svetla Nikolova.