Research projects

Globalization and Culture: Education and Cultural Policies in Southeast Europe
Supervisor: Dr. Yordanka Bibina
Participants: 8 IBSCT

Balkans and Europe: Transformation, modernization and integration processes (XVIII-XXI)
Head: Prof. Dr. Svetozar Eldarov,
Participants: 12 of 16 outdoor IBTST (Institute for Historical Studies, BAS,
"St. Kliment Ohridski", World Economy, VA "GS Rakovski "NMI)

Balkans and Europe: Travel, communication and everyday life
Head: Prof. Dr. Liliana Simeonova
Participants: 10 IBSCT and an external (Embassy of the Hellenic Republic)

Balkans between East and West: Cultural and civilizational interactions
Head: Ch. Prof. Antoinette Balcheva

Sources for Balkan nations
Head: Ch. Prof. Rositsa Gradeva
Participants: 4 IBSCT

Politics and borders in the Balkans: religion, ethnicity, nations
Head: Prof. Dr. Ogniana Hrissimova
Participants: 13 IBSCT